Create your own Marketing-Challenge and win your Candidates Heart on Social Media.
The Challenge recruits 24/7 winning Talents, long after your best employee has left his office.
3 steps to your own Marketing Challenge
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Challenge Implementation
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I. Dream Candidate Clarification
In the first Step, we will design the perfect Message to attract your ideal candidate.

During this Process, you will gain so much clarity over your company's vision, your uniqueness so that you will want to spread this message everywhere you can: Facebook, Homepage, LinkedIn, Networking. 

This Process will build a bond immediately with your candidates and delivers trust right from the getgo.
II. Perfect Candidate Attraction  
We sell brand stories that resonate with your Dream Client, understanding you as the logical choice, they want to work with and be part of the culture. 

We provide you with the script to build trust and set the right calls to action to book an appointment with your team. 

These Videos will be edited and published from my team so that we will enroll your ideal candidate.
III. Candidate Qualification 
The third Pillar is designed to make sure as we launch your system
that we will not only attract Candidates, we will pre-qualify them to
make sure to attract those who are a good fit.

We create a simple One-Page Enrollment Page so that candidates
who are consuming your videos are going to this One-Page and
take the Candidate Assesment.

These Candidates pre-qualified themselves before the book an
appointment with your team to make sure we set the stage for
your ideal conversation.
 IV. Reignite Effect
This module is designed to stay top of mind with for your perfect candidates.

Now that your system is getting those candidates booked on your call, we got to remember that these candidates are looking for other Job Opportunities. 

We will retarget them with different forms of Branded Content and firing out of multiple Cylinders so that we stay omnipresent.
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Is this System for me?
This System is designed for
The Decision-Maker
who values long-term relationship over short-term action.

The Leader 
who is open-minded for new growth opportunities.

The Recruiter
who is ready to adapt and not stagnant in traditional processes.

The Strategist
who is always improving and willing to learn daily.
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